Uncovering Hidden Savings In The M&A Integration Process

Telecom Expense Management

Author: Ann Flynn, President & CEO, IQ Telecom

Publication: Connecticut Bankers Association Quarterly, March 2021.

This article explores the specific impact that M&As can have on telecommunication expenses in a world where the number of banks is shrinking, technology is advancing rapidly, customer acquisition is fiercely competitive, and remote work is a new norm.

A recent Lexology® article cited research done by investment advisor FJ Capital Management on banking mergers and acquisitions (M&As). It indicates that M&As will accelerate by mid-2021 and continue robustly for five years. This long period of bank M&A activity is likely to result in as much as 50% fewer banks in the US over the next decade. In addition, respondents weighing in on a Datasite® survey also expect M&A activity to increase in 2021. This research points to financial and real estate services that will accounts for 22% of this activity.



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