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Telecommunications projects done right.

Telecommunications technology is continuously changing. IQT has the right people to help you drive your projects forward so that you don’t get left behind.

IQT Project Managers manage complex, multi-location, multi-provider projects on-time and within budget.

With IQT Professional Services you can expect:

  • Great communications from project kick-off to close
  • Telecommunication industry specific skill-sets and deep expertise with all carriers and ISPs
  • Customized project plans created with your input and tailored to meet your goals
  • 360° management during all project phases, ensuring that your locations, Inventory, Invoicing and Contracts are aligned and up-to-date, leveraging IQ 360° as the definitive system of record
  • Financial results including cost reductions and spend changes reported throughout the project
  • Wrap-up debriefing of technical and financial outcomes

Business and telecommunications never stop evolving – you can rely on IQT Professional Services to be your expert partner in change.