IQ Telcom Cuts Costs for large Data Storage Company through Redundant Service Elimination

A Telecom Expense Management case study from IQ Telcom


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Reduction in costs from redundant services

The Challenge

  • Document storage/security company; 600+ locations; $18M annual spend

Network team (IT) adding services/ removing services through a number of initiatives as well as BAU work has no visibility into the corresponding billing. Unaware if new services are billing at correct contract rates; whether orders to remove services are actually coming off the invoices in time or at all. IT does not have time to dispute charges if they don’t come off the bills. They end up paying for new services and existing services which is redundant. As they scale up for a large project, the problem grows.

The Solution

IQT saw redundant services (old technology and new ) billing at dozens of locations. The costs were skyrocketing and the ROI was not being realized for the new technology upgrade that was pitched to leadership.

Telecom Expense Management
Telecom Expense Management

The Results

  • IQT confirmed the redundant services by location and removed all the old circuits. Started working with the project team to align new orders with the removal of old services in a timely manner – reporting the ROI in real time to leadership.
  • Where the provider failed to stop billing, IQT pursued back credits, then removed redundant services for a large cost reduction. This cost savings then funded the next technology project.

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