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Our leadership team is serious about helping clients get their telecommunications in order – and keeping it that way. We’ve sat in your seats and have rigid standards for client service, financial responsibility, timeliness of deliverables and a vision that keeps driving new and better ways to optimally manage telecommunications. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – IQT Relationship Managers, Account Analysts, Support and Operations teams go beyond client partnership everyday by acting as an extension of your team.

Ann Flynn
Founder and CEO

Ann is the founder of IQ Telecom (IQT) and a Certified Telecommunications Professional in Business and Industry. Prior to forming IQT, she managed the telecommunications and network services for large enterprises including one of the largest healthcare organizations in the world. During her tenure as a telecommunications executive, she saw a pervasive need for holistic, location-based, inventory-centric telecommunications management, ongoing cost containment and – most importantly – high quality, knowledgeable customer service.

Ann started IQ Telecom in 2001, and has never once lost her focus on end-user and client needs. Under Ann’s leadership, IQT has grown through referrals from existing clients. The entire company revolves around the goal of constant customer delight.

Ann has received several accolades from enterprise clients for outstanding performance and has certified IQT as a Women Owned Enterprise. She has participated in several executive programs at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Management.

Susan King
Managing Director

Susan has over 20 years of telecommunications experience and has been leveraging her expertise on behalf of IQ Telecom clients for a decade. In addition to being a certified Project Manager, she excels at driving resources, both internal to IQT and those at carrier and ISP providers, to ensure optimal client satisfaction at all times. Her exceptional client stewardship skills enable IQT clients to have complete control over their infrastructure, transparency on costs and accurate budgeting processes. Susan is a consummate project leader with all things related to telecommunications and has been integral to the success of major, transformative initiatives on behalf of IQT’s enterprise clients.

Susan has a degree from Northwestern University and is a certified Project Manager.