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Telecom Expense Management

Interest rates remain low, suppressing earnings, and so every dollar of expense matters. IQ Telecom’s expertise helps banks, financial institutions and the insurance sector recover maximum savings and keep their telecoms under control.

Telecom Expense Management

Know What You Are Spending

Savings in telecom expense go straight to the bottom-line and earnings, enabling IT to deliver improved financial results for the company, so we constantly look for ways to help clients reduce costs. In addition to full telecom expense management, IQ Telecom can help finance, banking and insurance enterprises to fully manage their telecoms, including asset inventory, contract management and error reduction.

Software You Can Count On

Banking clients love the ability to track IT and telecom costs for individual branches and benchmark against one another. Meanwhile insurance clients appreciate the ability to track total costs assigned to remote employees for clear visibility into remote costs.

Telecom Expense Management

Hands On | Management

We watch the bottom line by validating each charge against contract rates, before payments are made. If inconsistencies appear, we’ll initiate inquiries and disputes to reconcile charges and recover costs, increasing your confidence in the payment process.

Telecom Expense Management
Telecom Expense Management

Supporting IT Transformation Projects

Though the banking sector is currently in good health and the insurance industry is flourishing, keeping costs in check and getting the most from IT spend is a must.

And when times are good, business transformation is possible. Supporting your strategic IT project with a successful TEM program creates savings and helps you free up the budget necessary to invest without impacting earnings.

Over $3M in Telecom Costs Saved For Banking Client

A Fortune 1000 banking institution company engaged IQ Telecom to consolidate and audit its telecom landscape. With IQ Telecom, the enterprise has been able to view all costs in real-time, dispute invoices that were incorrect and save over $3 million dollars alone in just the first year.

Ongoing auditing continued to identify billing errors and eliminated unnecessary and/or redundant services, resulting in a three-year reduction of over $20 million. In addition to bottom line cost savings, the customer gained full visibility into services at each of their locations. This enabled them to make timely decisions about infrastructure and maintain budgets.

Telecom Expense Management

How Much Could Your Company Save on Telecom Expenses?

Organizations that work with IQ Telecom typically save 20-50% on their total telecom costs. We provide this service on a contingent fee basis, so it doesn’t cost your company a penny if we don’t find savings.

Use our savings calculator and get a solid estimate of how much your business can save on your telecom expenses with only a few questions.

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Keeping Banking Telecom Expenses Under Control

Organizations work with IQ Telecom for a comprehensive but seamless service that produces significant savings. For a telecom management service that really delivers, and understands the complex needs of enterprises within the finance, banking, and insurance sectors, get in touch with IQ Telecom now.

Telecom Expense Management

Organize in one System

For banks, change is a constant. New branch openings, moving premises, acquisitions and establishing branches inside other businesses can lead to unorganized telecom inventories that are also unmanageable. IQT360° centralizes inventories for you.

Telecom Expense Management

Keep more Profit

Managing and tracking all telecom expenses is far from a standard challenge for enterprise financial organizations. IQ Telecom not only organizes invoices; we also actively look for savings, reduce your billing errors, manage contracts and other areas of improvement.

Telecom Expense Management

On Target Budgets

Taking your telecom expenses in hand can boost your bottom-line, or even fund business transformation, and put an end to your budget constantly being sunk into running costs. Our service is designed to lift your burdens and help you keep building your enterprise.

Questions About Telecom Expense Management?

Book a call with our team to learn more about how telecom expense management with IQ Telecom can save your organization time and money.

Our team has decades of experience working with corporations just like yours to manage their telecom expenses efficiently and progressively. We are standing by to help you get the answers you need in order to understand fully what our system and team can do for you.

We guarantee at least 10% Savings, you can start risk free.

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