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Accurate telecommunications information at your fingertips.

Always Accurate, Always Accessible

IQ Telecom clients’ telecommunications infrastructure is managed with intelligent tools – our innovative solution: IQ 360º ™.  IQ 360⁰ is a web-based, scalable solution that leverages a relational database, has automated and customizable workflows, ad-hoc and scheduled reporting capabilities and a user-friendly, intuitive graphical interface.

IQ 360° is accessible based on credentialed roles and utilized by our staff and by our clients select team members. Licensing is also available for for telecommunications managers and advisors.

Access to IQ 360⁰ provides self-service and full transparency into your telecom environment, tickets, work flows and reports – 24 x 7.

Aligning services and hardware with locations is the foundation of our accuracy and service quality. IQT builds comprehensive Location records in IQ 360⁰. Line-level inventory is captured for every location, as well as contacts, for branch offices, headquarters, data centers and any other real estate that is part of the client’s enterprise.



Full Circle Management, End-to-End Accuracy

IQ 360⁰ enables complete control over spending and inventory with workflows that mandate validation and automate changes. Tickets are more than just time-stamped records in IQ 360°, they  are part of the workflow that includes validation of billing and updating inventory. You can rest assured that will you never again have a service disconnected and a ticket closed, only to learn months or even years later that the ISP or carrier never removed it from your billing. We manage the lifecycle of your telecommunications – from provisioning to payment and every step in between.


360° Visibility into Dynamic Environments

Your infrastructure and services will always change, with IQ 360° you will have a system that keeps pace with it and your information needs – whether it is a pre-defined report or an ad-hoc request.

Ad-hoc ‘Views’ allow you to see data filtered based on select fields and conditions. Views are easily created and can be accessed for one-time use or saved for ongoing needs.

IQ 360° includes click and drag functionality that enables user-friendly, easy to build reports. The reports can be viewed within the solution or downloaded to .csv or .xlslx files. They can be run as one-time reports, saved for repeated use and/or scheduled for email delivery on specific dates.

Additionally, IQT Project Managers capture client specific reporting needs during the implementation phase and reports are built and deliverable upon go-live dates.  IQ 360⁰ supports reporting capability on any field that is in the solution, allowing for a multitude of reports that can be scheduled for automatic delivery.

With IQ 360° as your technology solution, you will have the benefits of always accurate and accessible information – and total cost control.