Telecom Invoice Validation and Processing

Telecom Expense Management

Take The Stress Out Of Telecom Invoice Management.

Industry sources state nearly one in five invoices have errors and are almost always in the provider’s favor. When errors are discovered, correcting them and securing credits can be a time consuming and challenging task, especially when there’s a massive stack of bills to be paid.

Telecom Invoice Validation: Critical Help in These Financially Challenging Times

At IQ Telcom (IQT), we take invoice management to a whole new level matching invoice charges to our level line inventory. This allows a level of telecom invoice validation not seen with other TEM’s. Contract rates are also validated each month as the bills come in. Our tools and industry-experience enable us to:

  • Capture details from multiple sources in various billing formats
  • Validate rates against contracts and trending to flag billing variations
  • Initiate and manage disputes and refunds with providers
  • Apply allocation codes and cost centers for value-added reporting
Telecom Expense Management

Don't Get Overcharged For Your Telecom Services

IQ Telcom knows that most companies are being overcharged and billing errors go unchallenged.  IQT’s Change Management process works hand in hand with the Invoice Validation & Processing team to track all orders against billing. Disputes for late disconnects are opened automatically when orders don’t complete on time. The hand off between telecom provisioning and invoices management is seamless saving our customers time and ensuring credits are received.

Telecom Expense Management

Our telecom invoice management process creates a detailed and complete list of all charges and line items on your invoices to give you visibility into exactly what you are paying for and if the costs are absolutely necessary. These costs can include late fees, overcharges, canceled lines and more.

Telecom Expense Management

Realize The Savings That IQ Telecom's Services Provide

IQ Telcom's track record of successful invoice validation services includes some of the most complicated billing and analysis imaginable. Our proprietary IQ360° telecom software system allows us to automate and track each expense associated with your telecom invoices so we can find errors or issues that can typically be missed by other services.

Most importantly, we work with you to get the savings and cost reductions we identify.