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Dedicated, expert telecommunications help is just a phone call away.

Service orders and trouble tickets are no trouble for us – we are experts with carrier and ISP processes.

When you have multiple locations and providers, even simple requests can become time consuming. You need to run your business, we’ll take care of the telecommunications services.

With IQT Support services, clients benefit from our telecommunications-specific team for:

  • Initiation of Move, Add, Change and Delete/Disconnect (MACD) orders directly with providers
  • Management of requests from start to finish with 24×7 visibility into statuses
  • Documentation of resolution with updated Inventory ensuring that new orders and disconnects are managed 360°
  • Trouble tickets worked directly with providers and coordinated with client help desks
  • One, centralized system of record, IQ 360°, with time-stamped records and historical information of changes
  • Reporting on statuses in detail and summary, on customized schedules

We take care of clients’ telecommunications so that they can take care of business.