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Gain control over your telecommunications realm with line-level, location-based Inventory Management.

Getting all of your locations’ telecommunications inventory identified, validated and documented is a big job – and we’re up to it.

Our experienced staff goes above, beyond, over, under and around to make sure that our clients’ telecommunications assets are captured, validated and loaded in our trailblazing solution, IQ 360°. And the job doesn’t stop there.

Step One: Research & Review

  • IQT telecommunications Inventory Specialists gather data from all sources and media types
  • Data is cleaned and normalized
  • Findings are documented for client review
  • Data is uploaded to IQ 360°, our relational database driven web-based solution

Step Two: Build & Optimization

  • Client-specific workflows and rules are programmed
  • IQT Account Managers, Optimization Specialists and, if applicable, client staff are given credentialed, role-based access to IQ 360°
  • Optimization of existing infrastructure takes place with updates to the inventory in IQ 360° with ongoing reporting of savings

Ongoing: Manage & Maintain

  • IQ 360°’s relational database and workflows keep clients’ inventory precise, 24 x 7 x 365
  • Telecommunications-specific, experienced Analysts monitor inventory, manage change life-cycles for full circle accuracy – from provisioning to payment
  • Reporting is fast and accurate, and based on your needs

Be armed with accurate information for whatever changes lie ahead from within your organization, or due to the never-ending evolution of telecommunications technology.