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Have confidence in today’s infrastructure, so that you can plan for tomorrow’s.

Thoroughly understanding your telecommunication contract rate structures, fees, limits, minimums, conditions and renewal terms is daunting enough.

Matching these items to your actual billing can be overwhelming, but not for our team of telecommunications contract professionals.

Our team of seasoned Contract Managers love to get their hands on in-force agreements as well as assist with renewals and replacement contracts. They are pros at:

  • Document Management – all agreements and addendums reside in one central repository, IQ 360°
  • Terms Enforcement – contract terms are applied for billing accuracy, credits available/due and service level conformity
  • Renewal Tracking – automated notifications with communication from IQT Account Managers and Analysts
  • Negotiations – unbiased assistance and guidance; IQT is not an agent and is 100% provider neutral

With IQT Contract Management, terms are related to Inventory and Invoices, allowing our clients to be proactive with strategy and budgeting, as well as make plans and react to changes with confidence.