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Precision and speed don’t always go together, but they do with IQT Invoice Management.

We take Invoice Management to a whole new level – streamlined payment processes with adherence to contract terms and rates.

Industry sources state that 20% of carrier and ISP invoices have errors, and almost always in the carrier’s favor. We take a proactive approach to make sure that the right bills are paid, at the right time, all the time.

IQT’s Invoice Management service includes advanced technology AND the skills of experienced telecom financial analysts. Our service includes:

  • Multi-format invoice receipt from portal downloads, email, snail-mail and data feeds
  • Review and analysis by IQT Invoice Specialists with years’ of experience
  • Validation against Contracts and prior months invoicing to identify variations, send notifications and follow-up for timely, hands-on expense management
  • Initiation and management of claims, disputes and refund tracking with communication service providers (CSPs), and documentation of outcomes for 360° management and reporting
  • Application of allocation codes and cost centers to enable value-added reporting for business units and locations
  • Processing of post-payment files for checks and balances

Rest assured, the right bills have been paid at the right time – our team of Invoice Specialists, leveraging IQ 360°, acts as true extensions of and partners with your Accounts Payable team.